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Patriots Wild-Card Botch the end of the Brady-Belichick era?

Following the final second of New England’s 20-13 loss against the Titans on Wild-Card weekend, could be the end of the Brady-Belichick era. “Flat-out embarrassing” “Thank God we don’t have to watch this next week” “I’m not watching the Bruins” “Yup. They sucked” Just a few post-game words from my dad himself following the Tom […]



Fantasy Football 2019 Countdown: Top 100 Player Rankings

It’s about that time of year. Post fresh off your NCAA March Madness Bracket disappointment, it’s time to yet again play the front office executive role in order to assemble the top Fantasy Football team in your league.  Here are the Gio Rivera (@sportsguygio) Top 100 Player Rankings for 2019 NFL FANTASY Football, from 100-to-1:  […]