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Dominance Isn’t Everlasting: Tom Brady and the Patriots

After 20 years of pure dominance, nine Super Bowl appearances, six Vince Lombardi hoisting, and a heartbreaking end, God’s greatest quarterback has elected to open a new chapter of football via surreal departure.

On Tuesday morning, the greatest quarterback in the history of football announced on his social media accounts that he would be taking his talents elsewhere following a Wild-Card bounce in the hands of the Tennessee Titans to end not only their season but the most golden-standard era for a head coach, quarterback duo in the history of the game.

“My football journey will take place elsewhere,” Brady stated, evidently referring to Tampa Bay and the Buccaneers.

What better way to kick off your early-year, quarantined setback of life than the single most devastating headline to New England faithful’s all across the East Coast and beyond. Early Tuesday morning it was announced and confirmed by the man himself that Tom Brady would not be returning to Foxborough next season in a Patriots uniform.

In a 2015 interview with the New York Post, Tom Brady Sr gave us all the warning we should’ve taken seriously. “It will end badly, Poppa Brady stated; and unfortunately that foreseen transpiring of events has officially come into fruition.

This will undoubtedly go down as the biggest most shocking breakup in sports history. A six-time champion, the greatest of all-time in his sport leaving the franchise he put on the map of greats; and it didn’t take a tenure of minor league baseball to do so??? Absolute mind blower!

After two full decades of pure dominance, excellence, and historically cemented greatness, the most successful player-coach duo in sports history has been put to an end. The era in which it was more likely to see the Patriots in the Super Bowl (nine-for-20, 45%), then witnessing the NBA’s greatest three-point shooter Stephen Curry, knock down a three (43.5%) in his career.

Brady, much like Derek Jeter and Kobe Bryant, appeared destined to take his walk-off trot in the sunset in a New England Patriots uniform. In fact, as the hours go by, it’s becoming continuously difficult to imagine Brady walking out of the tunnel next season in Tampa Bay as opposed to being aside Julian Edelman and Bill Belichick, seeking both a win and a fresh post-game Instagram celebratory video most weeks of the season.

A 42-year-old Tom Brady, entering his 21st season, is seeking to do the improbable. That being transcending a Buccaneers franchise which has had the NFL’s worst passer rating (73.5), completion percentage (56%), and win percentage (38.7%) since the 1976 season. Mind you, 1976 was the introductory season to professional football for Tampa Bay. As for Brady, he himself is coming off a downside season, recording his lowest completion percentage (60.8) since his 2013 season (60.5). An obvious product of having a procrastination equivalent of an off-season presentation of a weapon line. Ultimately one of perhaps many premier factors as to why Brady elected to team up with Mike Evans, Ronald Jones, O.J. Howard, and Chris Godwin. Leaving behind a double-covered Julian Edelman and countless questions marks.

While it was reported that Brady had a $125 million offer on the table from Bill Belichick, that was a bag to secure well overdue. It became notably apparent the GOAT himself that he was never paid as such by a franchise worth $4.1 billion dollars in 2019. That financial flexibility and offensive core security are both amenities that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have currently on the table waiting for Brady. As seen last season, locking down aside Belichick comes with the risk of complacency and poor responding. Following the Rob Gronkowski retirement, the Patriots pulled a last-minute risk trigger in signing Antonio in complete legal fashion (conspiracy theories aside), along with the Hail Mary prayer of Josh Gordon. Two prayers which were never answered below halfway through the season. That’s the equivalent of handing in a D- effort paper following months of procrastination.

Today the New England Patriots sit with no quarterback, one reliable wide receiver coming off being the league’s leader n drops, and a head coach who made some of the most questionable decisions in some of the most crucial moments last season. To put it in simplest terms, the New England Patriots are heading for a bridge year. A sacrilegious take considering the run that transpired before our very eyes in the past 20 years. However, it’s the reality that the Patriots and their fans just have to accept. The next Tom Brady isn’t walking through that door, nor does he need to. As it makes it easier, being the man who’s played in the Super Bowl 45% of his career, reinvigorating the franchise is far from a total loss.

One thing for sure, Brady left quite the void to be filled, making the next man up at quarterback the most pressure-filled job in America that isn’t the President. So who’s next?


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