Boston Sports Mount Rushmore of Failures: Welcome Kyrie Irving

With the Kyrie Irving, Boston Celtics departure, also comes the inauguration of Uncle Drew into the infamous Mount Rushmore of Boston Sports Failures.

After just a two-season tenure with the Boston Celtics, filled with moments of hope, joy, and plenty of disappointment, Kyrie has notched his spot in the top failures in Boston Sports History.

It goes without saying that playing in the greatest sports city today comes with a certain level of expectations and standard to live by. Plenty of guys who were perhaps once described as “no names” managed to etch their names on the right side of history, such as Jonny Gomes, Malcolm Butler, and most recently Steve Pearce. Mr. 2018 World Series MVP.

It’s not just how you go about yourself, putting up the numbers on the field, court, or even ice- but how you conduct yourself as a professional and respond to times of adversity. Kyrie Irving failed in just about every way in doing so as the “leader” he claimed he once wanted to be

When I go back and I reminisce about Kyrie Irving’s time with the Celtics, I can’t bother to avoid constant comparisons and revisited memories of the infamous 2011 Boston Red Sox. More specifically Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford- two of the top-name perennial lefties in their respective positions, given a supporting cast of a team that they’ve never had at the time, in the city that was just too pressure filled for them.

Avid Red Sox fans and Boston Sports followers will always remember A-Gon and Crawford and the duo that led the ship of the infamous September Collapse of the 2011 Boston Red Sox.

Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford was essentially a duo and Kyrie Irving was a mesh of the two. Gonzalez was the performer, batting .321/.382/.513 with 42 home runs and 203 runs batted in, through his two seasons spent in Boston. Carl Crawford was the overpaid under-performer who can also be referenced as perhaps the worst all-time contract dealt by perhaps the greatest baseball executive ever in Theo Epstein. Seven-years and $142 million in exchange for .260/.292/.400 with 14 home runs and 75 runs batted in… in two seasons (just a reminder).

The $296 million, top-of-the-line, greatest excuse making duo in Red Sox history!

Nevertheless there were plenty of excuses that came with the two. Quotes to the media, that like Kyrie, Boston will never forget. Like following the unforgettable walk-off win by the Baltimore Orioles in game 162 of the 2011 season, in which CARL CRAWFORD, dropped the line drive to the left that ended the season. Gonzalez followed his constant blame on the MLB and ESPN by scheduling too many Sunday night games, with “I’m a firm believer that God has a plan and it wasn’t in his plan for us to move forward.”

Wasn’t buying it in 2011, not buying it today. Not sure God is a Rays fan so… not sure where A-Gon was going with that.

Thankfully Magic Johnson bailed the Red Sox out’ve that one. Thanks again Magic!

However much like A-Gon, Kyrie Irving himself had a quite a year with the media, feeding them and NBA fans alike, with quite a chunk of quotes to never forget when remembering his failure of a stint in a Celtics uniform.

Here’s a list of Kyrie Irving’s best Celtics quotes:

  • “I don’t see anybody beating us in seven games”
  • “I just wanna be at the highest level playing… that’s what I’m here for”
  • “Who cares”
  • “I don’t owe anybody sh*t”
  • “It’s just the regular season”
  • “I’m definitely taking some games off before the playoffs”

Too bad Kyrie Irving didn’t stand by that final quote. The Celtics were 12-3 without him on the floor last season, not to mention they took LeBron James to game seven of the Eastern Conference Finals over a year ago, just a single win shy of an NBA Finals appearance. All without the legendary leader who shot the worst of any Celtic in the playoff since 1966 on at least 15 shot attempts, in his final game as a Celtic.

Through Kyrie Irving’s two seasons in Boston, he averaged 24.1 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 6.1 assists on 48.9 shooting from the field, 40.4 from three, and 88.1 from the line. Oh yeah and he won only one playoff series against an Indiana Pacers team that did not have their best player present in Victor Oladipo.

I don’t care that he sat on the bench in Boston’s 2017-18 playoff, in fact, that was his greatest contribution in a Celtics uniform. As far as I’m concerned he contributed in no way, shape, or form positively during his time in Boston. All concerns were solely in regard to the interest of himself, his brand, and his terrible film debut in Uncle Drew.

Irving like Gonzalez and Crawford, was great at feeding the media content through his bone-headed statements which followed by Irving going full crybaby mode due to his creation of a problem. For the sake of the Celitcs, Brad Stevens, the young core’s future, and all who reside within the greater Boston area, thank goodness Irving is making his all-time greatest contribution to the C’s- his departure. So long!

So much for leadership.

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